Find coffee, coffee making machines and equipment, premium syrups, and all kinds of gear for brewing, drinking and proclaiming your love for coffee. We have teamed up with premium brands to bring you a fantastic range of "Lavena at Home" drinks that you can enjoy anytime.

All these great hand picked products by Lavena are available in all our stores.

So go ahead and have your pick!

Coffee Powders

Illy Coffee

Illy is one of the best coffee brands in the world. It is sold in 140 countries and delights millions of coffee lovers at home, at fine hotels, restaurants and cafes, and at work, every day.


Al Ameed Coffee

Finely ground Turkish coffee with aromatic cardamom. Very popular coffee available in three different blends; light, medium, and dark that will surely satisfy the most meticulous of tastes.

Al Ameed has perfected the roasting of expresso coffee. Its unique taste is gaining popularity across countries.


Coffee Machines

Illy Coffee Machines

The better the coffee maker, the better coffee you'll make. We offer Illy’s very best home coffee machines that produce high quality coffee, every time.

Arcelik Turkish Coffee Machine

Turkish Coffee Machine for non-flowing real Turkish coffee taste with plenty of foam. Get the rich taste of Turkish coffee at your home each time with the new Turkish Coffee maker - Arcelik Telve. 

Arcelik is Turkey's leading brand of environment friendly, energy efficient electronics.

Premium Syrups / Sauces and Concentrate

We bring to you exotic range of premium flavoured beverage syrups, gourmet sauces and concentrated from Monin, one of leading brands used in many countries across the world. Made with finest ingredients and authentic flavours these products will help you prepare wonderful speciality drinks anytime at your home.


Disposable Tableware

There are times when disposable catering products can be very useful. At Lavena we have everything you could possibly need including disposable plates, cups, bowls, dishes, cutlery, straws, napkins, platters, table covers, food wrap, and containers. Lavena stocks high quality products that are very convenient and fun to use. Whether you need it at picnics, parties, office or home, we’ll get you an exhaustive range.





Experts in Coffee Preparations!

We are the fastest growing coffee shops chain in Madina, Saudi Arabia - offering the best in coffee experience. We've been pleasing our customer’s palates with the world's finest blends of coffee, irresistible specialty drinks, and delectable cakes and baked goods designed to melt in your mouth. All in highly sophisticated, warm and welcoming ambience that's truly world-class.

Our passion to create incomparable Coffee experience is reflected in our commitment to using only authentic, premium ingredients in our beverages. Uncompromised quality in everything we do is the hallmark that distinguishes us from others. Each coffee at Lavena Cafe is worth celebrating. The best in coffee experience is here.




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