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From delicious cold crushes, cocktails, lemonades, pinacoladas, milkshakes to energy drinks, we have a wide range of absolutely refreshing specialty beverages to beat the heat. The tropical and exotic flavors of our specialty drinks can transport you to your favorite seaside destinations and, sometimes, to brand new ones.  Do try our signature specialty beverages the next time you visit us.



Mocha Crush


Toffee Crush



Latte Crush



Lavena Crush



White Crush



Oreo Crush



Cookies Crush



Ice Chocolate Crush



Red velvet Crush


Date Crush



Strawberry Mojito Crush



Blue Sky




Passion Fruit Cocktail


Dream Night Cocktail



Kiwi Lime Cocktail



Blue Sky Cocktail



Lavena Freeze Cocktail



Passion Peach Cocktail



Strawberry Freeze Cocktail



Velvet Mango Cocktail



Tango Mango Cocktail




Classic Pinacolada


Strawberry Pinacolada



Blue Pinacolada




Classic Lemonade


Strawberry Lemonades



Passion Fruit Lemonade


Raspberry Lemonade



Strawberry Milkshake


Cocoa Choco Milkshake



Banana Milkshake



Four Season Shake

Energy Drinks


Red Bull Energy Drink


Strawberry Bull

(Other flavors available Passion Bull and Bubble Bull)




Experts in Coffee Preparations!

We are a chain of coffee shops spread across Madinah Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia - offering great coffee experience. We've been pleasing our customerís palates with the world's finest blends of coffee, irresistible specialty drinks, and delectable cakes and baked goods designed to melt in your mouth. All in highly sophisticated, warm and welcoming ambience that's truly world-class.

Our passion to create incomparable Coffee experience is reflected in our commitment to using only authentic, premium ingredients in our beverages. Uncompromised quality in everything we do is the hallmark that distinguishes us from others. Each coffee at Lavena Cafe is worth celebrating. The best in coffee experience is here.




Lavena Cafe
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Madinah Munawwarah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone +966 14 844 8222

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