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We offer the perfect accompaniments to your coffee. From delectable cakes that melt in your mouth to perfectly baked goodies like donuts, croissants, cookies and muffins that leave you asking for more - there is something to fit every taste and mood. We've travelled far and wide to find the very best ingredients and expert bakers to help us offer a wide range of delicious food. We think great food, just like great coffee, is always worth that little extra effort.




Caramel Peanut Fantasy Cake


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake



New York Cheese Cake



Strawberry Cheese Cake



Blueberry Cheese Cake



White Chocolate Raspberry Cheese cake



Cookies and Cream Cheese Cake


Triple Chocolate Cheese Cake



Chocolate Lovin Spoon cake


Ebony Ivory Cake


Tiramisu Cake


Oreo Cake


Carrot Cake


Chocolate Molten Cake


Caramel Molten Cake


Frosted Brownies


Rock Slide Brownies


Baked Treats













Experts in Coffee Preparations!

We are a chain of coffee shops spread across Madinah Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia - offering great coffee experience. We've been pleasing our customerís palates with the world's finest blends of coffee, irresistible specialty drinks, and delectable cakes and baked goods designed to melt in your mouth. All in highly sophisticated, warm and welcoming ambience that's truly world-class.

Our passion to create incomparable Coffee experience is reflected in our commitment to using only authentic, premium ingredients in our beverages. Uncompromised quality in everything we do is the hallmark that distinguishes us from others. Each coffee at Lavena Cafe is worth celebrating. The best in coffee experience is here.




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Madinah Munawwarah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone +966 14 844 8222

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